Why are we here?

Yesterday, I spoke with someone who asked that age-old question – why are we here? A valid and important question, to be sure, and one with a number of answers. Perhaps my favorite answer from Judaism’s rich heritage is rooted in the value of tikkun olam, the mitzvah (commandment) to repair the world. One of the reasons for our existance is the obligation to make the world a better place when we leave than when we came.

How do we do tikkun olam? We do it by how we interact with others: family, friends, co-workers and strangers alike? We do it by working for causes we believe in: work with our bodies, minds and financial resources. We do tikkun olam when we preserve the enviroment and treat all creatures with respect. We do it by living each day as if it were our last and making what we do count.

So today, go and engage in tikkun olam!

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