What Happens after We Die?

In Confirmation class this week we are discussing Judaism’s view on life after death. This is a common question, so I am putting some links here. I hope they are helpful to you.

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman’s discussion of the Afterlife
Rabbi Howard Jaffe on the Afterlife – Click on Judaism
Rabbi Marc Gellman’s article on the Afterlife in Reform Judaism Magazine
Conservative Movement Sermon on the Afterlife
Judaism 101: Olam ha-Ba: The Afterlife
Jewish Virtual Library on the Afterlife

My Jewish Learning.com articles on the Afterlife:
Level 1 – Primer: Afterlife & Eschatology
Level 2 – Topical Overviews
Level 3 – Deeper Explorations
Level 4 – Afterlife & Eschatology IV: Analysis & Interpretation

May Torah study continue to enrich your life.

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