Non-Jews having bar & bat mitzvah parties

Did you need proof that bar and bat mitzvah parties are getting out of hand? That they often are focusing on throwing a huge, expensive party to out-do the “Shapiros” and have NOTHING to do with the real significance of becoming bar or bat mitzvah? Well, take a look at this Wall Street Journal article You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to want a Bar Mitzvah Party which tells the story of non-Jews throwing bar and bat mitzvah parties. This is disgusting! If people need to have a huge, outlandish party for their child’s 13’th birthday, then call it what it is, a birthday party.

Becoming bar and bat mitzvah is about is about proclaiming to one’s community, family, friends and God the importance of Judaism in their life and their commitment to make Judaism a part of their lives. The day when one becomes a bar or bat mitzvah marks the first day of one’s adult Jewish life. Is the young person an adult on that day? No, of course not, but he or she accepts the growing responsibilities of a Jewish adult. This IS NOT about a party. The party is a way to celebrate the above, not vice versa.

What do you think?

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