This week’s Torah portion – Ki Tissa

Hi. This week’s Torah portion is Ki Tissa (Exodus 30:11-34:35) and includes the story of the golden calf. When Moses sees the Israelites (who just a short while before had heard the words of the Torah) worshipping this idol, he is so stunned and hurt and angry that he drops the tablets containing the Ten Commandments and the entire Torah. Following punishment, talking and regrouping, Moses returns up the mountain to receive a second set of the tablets.

The receiving of the second set of tablets is a favorite part of the portion for me and the Torah commentary I am linking to this week speaks of it as well. Rabbi Jonathan Kraus of Beth Israel Temple Center (Belmont, MA) writes about the beautiful, famous and powerful words spoken between God and Moses on the mountain. Among Rabbi Kraus’s words are,

“Ideally, that’s what happens to us in prayer and in life. Our soul’s voice resonates to
something it recognizes all around us. We are moved to sing and speak and feel and live in response to that single note, whose frequency, our souls, in moments of encounter, naturally recognizes. We “resonate” and respond to the presence of the Holy One in creation. “

You can find the full text of his commentary (and sign up to receive weekly divrei Torah) here.

Zil g’more now go, and study!

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