On the Yassin killing

As you probably know by now, yesterday Israel killed the founder and head of Hamas, Sheik Yassin. Many people have blogged about it and what it means. I’ve also been reading news reports and some emails (private) from colleagues who are rabbis in Israel. The consensus from them is that this assasination may well prove to be a big mistake. Was Yassin an evil man personally responsible for the deaths of nearly 400 Israelis? Yes. But, the waves of violence in retailation for this attack may be much much worse. Somehow, perhaps with G-d’s help, the leaders of Israel, the Palestinians (hopefully some effective leaders will take power soon) and the US will stop being so stuck in the you-kill-one-of-mine-I-get-to-kill-2-of-yours mentality. This mentality is not only unproductive but immoral.

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