Palestinians using children with disabilities to be suicide bombers

According to Ha’aretz, this morning a 14-year-old Palestinian boy with learning disabilites was discovered with a 16-pound bomb strapped to his body. For sacrificing his life, he was paid the equivalent of $20.

This is so sad. So sad. Clearly, the situation is very complicated and some on both sides feel desparate. However, is this really the Palestinians’ best course of action? No. With the right leaders and the courage of they and their people, peace IS possible. Okay, enough of a sermon-bit from me. Here are some Palestinian reactions’

Here is his family’s reaction:
“The family of the boy said he was mentally slow. “He doesn’t know anything,” his brother, Hosni, said. “He has the brain of a 12-year-old.”
His mother, Tamam, told Haaretz yesterday evening that her son had “been exploited and manipulated.” She said she could not understand how adults could do this. Her son had left the house in the morning and told her he was going to school, she said, “but afterwards I heard from other pupils he did not come and they didn’t know where he disappeared.” She said she had no idea with whom he had spent the morning.
“Those who persuaded him to do this must be punished because this is against our beliefs, and we are responsible for him,” she said.” (from Ha’aretz)

Here is what a Palestinian activist said:
“Dr Said Zidani, director of the Palestinian Organization for Human Rights in Ramallah said last night: “I don’t know all the details but I am not surprised that children copy the adults who do such deeds. At all events, as a minor, the boy is not responsible. My personal position is clear: I’m against hurting Israeli or Palestinian civilians and against suicide bombers, adult or minor. But this is a crazy case and anyone who sends a child to carry out a bombing must be punished and the media, schools and organizations must condemn this vehemently.”” (from Ha’aretz)

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