Thank G-d, this Passover has been relatively quiet in Israel. Of course, that is largely because the West Bank and Gaza are completely sealed, meaning no movement of the Palestinians. Such tough choices to make. Yet, the attacks which were stopped were horrific. Take a look at this story from JTA, which I am quoting below from their javascript short news windows:

“Ten attacks foiled over Passover
A bombing meant to spread AIDS was among 10 Palestinian terror attacks foiled by Israeli security forces over Passover. The Shin Bet said on Tuesday a captured terrorist linked to Yasser Arafat´s Fatah faction had confessed to planning a Passover bombing in which the explosives would be laced with HIV-infected blood in the hope of spreading the disease among the casualties. According to the Shin Bet, the plot was held up by the Palestinians´ failure to find tainted blood in viable quantities. Of the nine other attacks foiled, two were to have been carried out by women, the Shin Bet said. In a new sweep, Israeli forces arrested 17 terror suspects in the West Bank overnight.”

Thankfully, the terrorists weren’t successfull.

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