Shavuah Tov

Shavuah tov for another week. I hope you had a good and restful shabbat. I’d like to start this week by sharing a favorite mizrachi (eastern) Jewish food – shakshukah. When I was in Israel at the end of 2003, I at shakshukah on two occassions and fell in love with it. A classic dish eaten by many, it is tomatoes, vegetables, garlic and egg. Mmmmm. Really, give it a chance.

Here are some recipes:
shakshukah recipe from Joan Nathan posted on My Jewish Learning
Shashooka II from Jewish-Food archives
Shakshouka (Eggs in Tomato Sauce) from Jewish Food archives
Shakshuka III from Jewish food archives
Shakshuka IV from Jewish food archives

Enjoy and let me know if you try the recipes

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