Arab Editor Tells Arafat to Resign

In Sunday’s Jerusalem Post, there is the report of an editorial in Al-Hayat by the London paper’s former editor-in-chief, Jihad Al Khazen. In it, he calls for Arafat to resign. The article begins,

“Our dear brother Yasser Arafat, I suggest that you resign,” Khazen, who describes himself as a long time friend of the PA chairman, wrote. “You have done your best. It is time to give the wheel to younger hands. The American administration wants you to leave the scene, and Ariel Sharon wants to kill you. The reasons of both are known. They took a stance from you based on enmity. I came to this conclusion out of love. I am worried about you.”

Read the rest of the provocative article. I wonder if it will accomplish anything?

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