Courage to Refuse nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Wow. Courage to Refuse and its founder David Zonshein were nominated for a 2004 Nobel Peace Prize!

As their website tells it,
he movement and its founder were recommended to the prize committee by two Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Captain (reserve) Zonesheine, chairman and founder of the movement: “Our nomination is a victory of Jewish Values and a triumph of the Spirit of Democracy.”

 “The movement’s nomination for such an honorable prize is a decoration for state of Israel. We are all part of a none compromising struggle for Israel’s security and the safety of its citizens, yet at the same time we vow to prevent the loss of innocent lives, to guard human rights and dignity of all those affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We will continue to protect the state of Israel, but refuse to fight beyond the 1967 borders, in the occupied territories” says Arik Diamant, the Director of Courage to Refuse. “Today the settlers of the extreme right threaten to violently resist the evacuation of the settlements. Our nomination marks the line that separates refusal to participate in illegal actions that contradict Jewish values and international law, from the refusal of those who seek to continue the occupation of another people”.

Courage to Refuse was founded in January 2002 and prides today over 600…” keep reading.


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