Weekly Torah Portion – Beshalach

This week is Shabbat Shirah, the sabbath during which we read/sing the Song at the Sea. The crossing of the Reed Sea (which some call the Red Sea or Yam Soof) is a climatic moment for our people and represents G-d’s care for the Jewish people. Yet, this climatic moment does not solve the Israelites problems. This is mearly the next stage in their journey.

Today, some 3400 years later, we too face obstilces and challenges in our lives. One place where some problems may be manifest is in our work life. This week’s Torah portion commentary looks at Judaism, ethics and work life. Ranon Cortell examines this balance in All Work and No Pray as published by Torah From Dixie.

As we enter our place of work, we must remember that, as part of our mission on this earth, we must bring holiness and the ways of Hashem to our most mundane and physical tasks.

This shabbat, as we sing the Song at the Sea, may we feel the joys of freedom and gain strength from our ancestor’s ability to purseveer in difficult times. Perhaps then we can find G-d’s Presence in all our activities.

Go and learn!

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