More on the Sharm-El-Sheik Peace Conference

Many in the blog world, especially the Israeli blog world have written about the peace talks and the hopeful caution that we feel. I guess the caution comes from having high hopes dashed before by violence and hate.

Here are some posts by other bloggers:
Renatina writes about Tikva v’safek (hope and doubt).
Andrew Jaffe writes on his thoughts at Israpundit.
Gilly compares the feelings at this peace talk with how many of us felt in 1993 with the signing of the Oslo accords.
Imshin shares her thoughts.
Mike writes about hope and skepticism.

Adrian reflects on the decision by Jordan and Egypt to return ambassadors to Israel.

Sadly, because Abbas is making overtures towards peace, some are worried about a threat to his life (JPost, free registration needed).

Ha’aretz newspaper has many stories on the peacetalks, including a page of pictures from the summit.

May G-d spread peace over all.

UPDATE – Richard at Tikun Olam also has an informative post on the peace talks. (Sorry, Richard and thanks for the comment to let me know.)

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