Flying Kites for Peace

I learned today (thanks World Changing) who got it from Gily that there is an effort to fly kites along both sides of the security barrier on April 27, 2005. Here is what World Changing posted,

Ally Gil Friend points us at 10,000 Kites, an activist art initiative to fly 10,000 kites along both sides the 500 kilometer long security barrier dividing Israel and the West Bank on April 27, 2005. Even if the people on either side of the wall can’t see each other, they–and the world–will see them flying kites for peace, dreaming together of a bright future.

Above and beyond the current conflict, where the wall separating Israel from the West Bank stretches ominously over more than 500 kilometers of territorial strife, is 500 kilometers of limitless sky, where 10,000 kites will fly in Spring 2005, spreading messages of peace.

Go to the 10,000 Kites for all the details.

May the skies soar with beauty, peace and hope on that day!

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