Radio from Israel

Often I listen to music while I type. Usually I play a mix of music stored in iTunes. However, this morning I am listening to live streaming of All for Peace Radio, an Israeli radio station which broadcasts in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

All for Peace Radio works for coexistence and understanding. Amongst the insipring words on their (English language) about page (you can also read it in Hebrew and Arabic) they write, The Palestinian organization Biladi – The Jerusalem Times and the Israeli organization The Jewish-Arab Centre for Peace, Givat Haviva, which are partners in the youth magazine Crossing Borders and maintain a long-standing, good and egalitarian working relationship, propose to create a joint radio station broadcasting in Hebrew, Arabic and English, which aimed at a wide audience amongst both people and provides messages of peace, cooperation, mutual understanding, coexistence and hope.

Listen, be entertained and support this effort towards peace and understanding!

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