Jewish/Israeli Podcasts

I’ve been listening to podcasts while out on walks and traveling the daily commute. I have listened to some ones with Israeli or Jewish content, and I thought it would be interesting to see how many Jewish or Israeli podcasts I could find. Below are some. If you know of more, please email me or leave a comment. Thanks.

(By the way, I have not listened to all of these, so feel free to leave feedback.)

The links below are to the webpages, not to the iTunes podcast page, although you should be able to find some of them there (if not there yet, email the podcast creators and they apply to be added to the iTunes page).

Jewish Podcasts:
Jewish Identity in Writing
Nextbook, a page with podcasts and articles on Jewish literature and culture.
UnionAvenue, a podcast with short quotations from Jews thorughout time and various professions.

Jewish Webcasting Guide

Israeli Podcasts:
Israelisms (from Jerusalem)
The View from Here (from Modi’in)

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