More “Muslim Blogs” Links

Sunday I updated the links under the “Muslim Blogs” category. I found the links through Sister Scorpion. Today she posted more links, some of them which I found interesting at first glance, so I am adding more.

One of the goals of this blog is to share Jewish knowledge and to work for better communication and understanding between various faiths. We are well aware of the difficulties between some of the faith groups of the world – including the political difficulties between Jewish Israelis (yes, there are Christian, Muslim, Ba’hai and other Israelis) and Muslim Israelis. Perhpas seeing different faith bloggers link to each other will help contribute to understanding and dialogue in the world. I pray so.

Here are the links:
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
Nzinga’s Soapbox (Amer. Ex-Pat Woman Living in Saudi Arabia)
Progressive Muslim Thoughts
The Muscatis, a husband and wife blogging team in Oman.

Let me know what you think and suggestions for other blogs to link.

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