Hungry? Try Some Food Blogs

Greetings from my spot in the blogosphere.

Today I had a lovely lunch (good food, even better conversation) with a friend and work connection. As usual, I took an item and asked them to modify it. (I know, I am a pain for those who have to prepare such food.) My love of food led me to click on a link on Rabbi Jason Miller’s blog for Kosher Bachelor.

Now, this is not to say that I believe that all Jews have to keep kosher. I personally keep eco-kashrut, but being kosher isn’t for everyone. While I encourage you to study and try following the dietary laws before outright dismissing it, I don’t judge anyone who choses not to eat kosher. So, here are some links….

Here are some more food/kashrut blogs:
Kosher Blog
Kosher Vegan Lasagna
Veg Blog (Not specifically kosher recipes, but all vegan, so can easily be made kosher.)
Atar Chef Blog
Kosher Nexus
Kosher Traveler
Kosher Critic
Sabboth Cooking (Not a blog, but good source of kashrut information.)

And some other link updates:
Israel blogs –
Adam (not) In The Army
Michelle’s Aliyah Adventures
Homey in a Strange Land, Stranger in a Homeland
Aliyah Blog
UPDATE: Tales of a Tour Guide

Jewish blogs –
Psycho Toddler


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