Connecting, Planning, Collaborating and Working Together

I had a fantastic meeting today, acutally, two of them. The first I expected to go well, as it was a networking meeting with a non-rabbinic (non-Jewish, actually) colleague in LocalTown to talk about collaborative programming and community building.  We connected on so many levels, I look forward to continued work together.

This  afternoon I had a committee meeting for a LocalTown board that I was just asked to join. We are working on a new agency to combat hunger.  It was one of those meetings where we got a lot done in less than an hour.

 So what is the Jewish connection to this other than the fact that I am a Jewish professional?  I think the connection resides in the statement in Pirkei Avot (Ethics/Teachings of the Ancestors), "You are not required to complete the work, but neither may you desist from it."

 May your work be fuitful and enjoyable.

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