Blessings of Life in My Corner of the World

Yesterday I experienced one of the blessings of life in my little corner of the world. I rent the house in which I live, and while downstairs in the (wonderfully cool) basement cleaning and doing laundry yesterday, I noticed a pool of water under the furnance/blower. I called the landlord and they sent over a tech. He showed me what to do if/when the drain hose clogs in the future, how to clean the filter in the air cleaner (I have the equivalent of one of those air cleaners through the whole house when using the heat/ac/fan) and gave me advice on one other little problem. What a nice guy.

After he finished the repair we stood on the front porch chatting and it turns out that he knows one of my colleagues. We chatted, shared some stories (while staying away from lashon hara) and wished each other a good holiday weekend.

This morning while running errands (dry cleaning – the local one runs 40% off pre-pay orders on national holidays), I saw him while pumping gas and we took our conversation a new direction. Such a nice guy. It is nice to have routine contact with folks, seeing people more than just when they do something for us or we do something for them.
Such is one of the nice things about where I live.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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