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David Lisboa has an interesting blog on the war – Israel-Hezbollah Blog, writing from Haifa. He posts include numbers of katushas fallen and deep, critical analysis of the situation, reality and getting out of this mess.

Yesterday, a post titled The Accidental War concluded with these words,

What is needed now is a way for both sides to climb down. Israel must get its soldiers back, Hizbullah’s departure from the border area and an undertaking that Hizbullah will not attack again. The Lebanese army or a neutral force should then man the border. Hizbullah needs to be given a way to consent to these changes without losing face. Squaring this will take time, ingenuity and the full engagement of the United States. It will not bring peace to the Middle East but it might silence a dangerous new front. America should start its work at once.

Read, comment and discuss.

May the Holy One bring all – Jew, Muslim, Christian, Druze – to peace and safety.
[Hat tip to Israelity.]

8 responses to “New War Blog – Israel-Hezbollah Blog

  1. If it would be interesting to you, we’ve recently started to translate
    different blogs of Russian – speaikng Israelis who live in the North – — This Journal serves as a
    compilation of blogs of Russian-speaking residents of northern Israel,
    translated into English. All of these blogs were started prior to the
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    describe how the war has been affecting their daily living.

  2. Please help support Come to the site and suggest ways that it could be improved. We are not computer programmers, however, we do have a strong desire, and frankly the obligation to support the cause against the violence against Israel. Thank you.

    Friends of Israel.

  3. It should be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that radical muslims, like native americans, and 1940’s Japanese, will never accept the concept of peace until they are 90 percent exterminated, or suspect that this condition is imminent. Aggressive, no quarter, relentless killing is the only language they understand. When they are all gone there will be peace. Napalm would be very effective against Hezbollah in brush country.

  4. Who started labeling Israel as a Nazi government and labeling Zionists as Brown Shirts? Much info is being written about Hezbollah humanitarian acts to Lebonese people, but nothing about Israeli humanitarian acts to all people. For thousands of years many Arabs wanted to get rid of all of the Jews. The Nazi’s got a lot of help from some Arabs during WW11.

  5. This UN Security Council resolution is a disgrace. What army does Lebanon have? The same army that allowed Hezbollah (aka Iran) build up the offensive force in South Lebanon? Under the noses of the useless UN observers? I think that the UN force and the “Lebanese Army” have, and will continue, to assist Hezbollah/Iran. This cease fire will last 1-3 years max, giving the Muslims in Lebanon time to rebuild their offensive capability. Israel is quoted as saying that they were very surprised by the ferocity of the Hezbollah. Wait until next time. This is a SAD day for all secular, and non Muslim people.

  6. Reading the news and info carefully I have to agree that peace will only come win there is a clear victor and a vanquished. Too bad Isreal will not be allowed to finally defeat this growing threat. Reminiscent of Chamberlain and Hitler 1938 is this UN agreement. I believe there is a growing anti muslim sentiment in the US which is very disturbing also.

  7. A Hindu fundamentalist murdered Mohandes Gandhi. An Islamic fundamentalist murdered Malcolm X. A Jewish fundamentalist murdered Yitzhak Rabin. Bad ideas kill. Religion is a bad idea. Only the naive can believe that religions preach love and tolerance. Far from it. At the heart all the major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is bigotry – a separation of the faithful from the unbelievers, with the wholesale slaughter of the unbelievers divinely sanctioned. All three have a history of bloody conquest. It’s time to throw out the baby and the bathwater. Muhammed was a gangster. God does not write books. The Qu’ran is a mishmash of religious nonsense. The Old Testament is a fictitious history of a people who have no legitimate claim to Palestine. None of it is true. Read it sometime. It is a horrible narrative of a barbarous people led by their petty tribal war god. The New Testament is no better. The four gospels and many of the letters attributed St. Paul are complete forgeries. Jesus never existed. The peaceful first century gnostics who created the mythology of christianity were brutally suppressed by the literalist Roman church under the rule of the warlord Constantine which plunged the world into the Dark Ages. Religion can never be the balm to soothe a bloodthirsty world. It is the cause of bloodshed. Interestingly, you never hear of a Buddhist suicide bomber, or Amish or Quaker terrorists for that matter. Some religions are more murderous than others. That’s just a fact. Only the gnostic idea of faith without dogma, the spontaneous awakening in every individual of god within, that which Aldous Huxley called “the perennial philosophy”, has the power to create a heaven on earth, or at least make it a safer place to raise children.

  8. Reply to Metanoia,
    Who killed 4 of USA presidents? was it based on religious ?

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