Hatred in the USA – Gunman Opens Fire in Federation Office

Murder and hatred is still here in America too.  A man walked into the offices of Seattle’s Jewish Federation and openned fire, killing one and severly injuring at least two. What a nightmere. Read the details here.

What a world.

May peace, healing and security spread throughout the world.

2 responses to “Hatred in the USA – Gunman Opens Fire in Federation Office

  1. My thoughts are with you and with the family of that innocent woman in Seattle.
    Murdered by a fool
    Whose barbaric acts
    Can only increase the pain
    Of the children of Tyr and Qana
    And other innocent victims
    Of the follies of armed men

  2. BLOG:

    Haifa is under attack and the world center for my
    Baha’i Faith is in the line of fire. I have no idea if
    our holy shrines will be destroyed in this conflict.

    There is a point that I want to make about religious
    tolerance: In the Baha’i Faith, God through his messenger
    for today, teaches that there must be understanding of all religious beliefs. What will it take for the world to see
    God’s wisdom ?? Will there be compassion in place of hate ?
    among the religions of the world ??? Ponder this and then
    give your thoughtful reply.

    Bill Newell

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