Remembering Rabin z”l

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of Prime Minister Rabin’s assassination at the hands of Yigal Amir. 11 years since an act of extreme hatred and murder that change the course of the history of Israel and her relationship with herself and her neighbors. A great warrior had turned peace maker and a murderer stopped his life. My heart still cries with sadness, with pain, with shock. Part of me still can’t believe that it happened. I wonder where things would be today had he not been assassinated?

With sadness…

Some websites on the anniversary:

YNet on the Tel Aviv memorial

Israeli Government site on the memorial (note, the site says that 11/2 was the anniversary – that is the anniversary date on the Jewish calendar, 11/4 on the secular calendar)

Knesset Memorial Website (also available in Hebrew and Arabic)

Rabin Center for Israel Studies

Site on the grieving country and world, including information from the funeral, children’s drawings and more.

Author David Grossman’s powerful words at the memorial (David Grossman’s son was killed in the Hizballah war this summer.)

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