Wow! Same-Sex Marriages to Be Recognized in Israel!

Wow! A red letter day of the good kind. According to Yuval Yoaz in Haaretz,

“In a precedent-setting ruling, the High Court of Justice on Tuesday ruled that five gay couples wedded outside of Israel can be registered as married couples, Army Radio reported. A sweeping majority of six Justices in favor and one against ruled that the common-law marriages of five gay couples obtained in Toronto, Canada, can appear as married on the population registry. The gay petitioners sought to force the state to give equal recognition to common law marriages of heterosexual couples to those of gay marriages, which can be performed in certain countries.”


Another reason to have pride in Israel!!! (Now if only there were leagal marriages in American that Israel could recognize…)

2 responses to “Wow! Same-Sex Marriages to Be Recognized in Israel!

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