Israeli Ingenuity Does It Again – Turning Rocks into OIL!

Yes, you read that correctly – Israeli scientists have figured out a way to turn rocks, specifically shale, into oil. Read all about it on Israel21c by Stuart Winer.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Haifa-based A.F.S.K Hom Tov recently demonstrated its patented method of extracting high quality oil and natural gas from a mixture of bitumen and oil shale rock. Bitumen – or asphalt – is the residue obtained by distillation of crude oil.

Experts predict the process will return oil at just $25 dollars a barrel and the additional natural gas produced would further boost the financial feasibility. With crude oil prices currently floating over the $50 a barrel mark, this proposed method is generating interest around the world.    [Read the entire article!]

2 responses to “Israeli Ingenuity Does It Again – Turning Rocks into OIL!

  1. So now the problem is that we don’t have enough ROCKS!!?

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