Back…Happy New Year…G’mar Tov…..Hag Sukkot Smeach

I’m back.  Wishing you and yours a belated Happy 5768, wishing that you and yours be sealed in the Book of Life and a Happy Sukkot.

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted.  I have been working working, working and working some more.  The only days I haven’t spent working (on the computer and paperwork side) are the Holy Days when I’ve been doing the rabbinic work.  As my wonderful, late friend LN (z”l) said – for rabbis there is nothing mar about Heshvan.  The month after Tishrei (our month with holidays from the 1st through the 24th) is called Heshvan.  It has no holidays and thus the rabbis called it mar or “bitter” Heshvan. I love our holidays, especially Sukkot, but I can’t wait for a non-mar Heshvan.

May your Sukkot be joyous

One response to “Back…Happy New Year…G’mar Tov…..Hag Sukkot Smeach

  1. I love reading through your posts…great site here! I look forward to stopping by often to read your ‘latest!’

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