A New Kind of Terrorist Attack in Israel

Terror has again struck central Jerusalem. This time it appears that a terrorist used (it is still unknown if the terrorist stole the tractor or worked on a construction site or how he got it) a buldozer as his terrorist weapon.  As the story is coming out now (it is only an hour or so since it happened) he plowed the buldozer into the back of an Israeli bus and other vehicles on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem.

Since I have been writing this post, the death toll from this terrorist attack has gone from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 (update) with some news agencies reporting 3.  At least 66 are injured.

News stories:

JPost (English), Haaretz (English), and Walla (Hebrew), Pictures from the JPost, Ma’ariv story with emergency contact numbers (Hebrew),

More later. May G-d be with those injured, those murdered, all the families and the first responders.

Update: According to the Jerusalem Post, the terrorist in the bulldozer was armed and shot one of the police who trying to stop him. The terroist was killed. The policeman was only lightly injured. The terrorist was apparently from East Jerusalem and carried an Israeli identity card.

They think that the bulldozer was from the rail construction project in Jerusalem.

2 responses to “A New Kind of Terrorist Attack in Israel

  1. No offense, but could you define why the guy is a terrorist, particularly in regard to these stories:


    I’m just curious as to why the term “terrorist”, which has become orwellian in its usage. I counted seven times you used the term terrorist in your post. I understand you believe his crimes to be horrific (I assure you I agree), but surely the crimes speak for themselves. Considering Israel’s penchant for bulldozing people, I am astounded at the double standards and the hypocrisy of such a term.

    Thank you.

  2. Huh Underground?
    Israel doesnt bulldoze people… Where do you get this little gem of an idea? If you are talking about the Rachel Corrie incident, you are greatly mistaken. Rachel Corrie stood in the way of a bulldozer in defiance of orders from the IDF. There is no comparing what she did to what this terrorist did. A terrorist is a person who commits a horrible crime , usually murdering multiple innocent people, in the attempt to sway political opinion.

    The swine who commited this terrorist attack was sending a message to the Jews in Israel… He is not an ordinary criminal but another animal altogether. Are you one of the kind that coddles the terrorist, or calls him a ‘freedom fighter’. What rubbish… This ‘man’ was out for Jewish blood and if not for the bravery of a level-headed soldier he would have killed many more.

    Death to Islamic Terrorist!

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