Palin Forces Women to Pay for Own Rape-Kits

While Mayor of Wasilla, (now) Gov. Palin told the police to require women to pay for their own rape kits to save money. She required this even though it was against Alaska law!

For more detials see the blog Leah’s Life and a CNN story.

Her record shows us how much value she places a) on law and b) on women.  What will she do when her “values” contradict the law when VP (or G-d forbid, President)?

Update:  See a powerful discussion of this issue at Feministe.

3 responses to “Palin Forces Women to Pay for Own Rape-Kits

  1. This was already debunked last week. The Wasilla Police Department pays for the rape kits unless the hospitals send the bill to the patient. Who to bill is determined by the hospital, not the state nor the city. An Alaska congressman wrote a bill to prevent victims from even seeing a fee but did not claim that police departments were doing the billing. Gov. Palin does not support charging such things to the victims. Time to spread some truth around and not accuse people of dreadful deeds they didn’t commit.

    Taxpayers should be reimbursed upon conviction or upon confession/proof of a false accuser.

  2. Can you give me the source for the new information?

  3. Here’s a source:

    I don’t know what you think of Slate, but it’s not like they’ve been especially taken with Palin.

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