Passover Recipes

I love Passover.  I enjoy the story, the symbols, the rituals of the seder, the joy of celebrating with friends and family and the food.  Keeping Passover all week tethers me to our tradition and to the millions of Jews throughout the ages who have observed the restrictions of Passover.

One of the fun things is to find new recipes to try.  Our friend google just sent me to the following sites.  I look forward to searching them for vegetarian recipes to try myself.   I hope the links add to the joy of your Passover.

Jewish Recipes

Jewish Veg (a site with recipes and many resources about Judaism and vegetarianism)

Jewish Recipes on Recipe Link

Kosher Cooking Passover recipes

All Recipes – Passover Recipes

Recipe Zaar Passover Recipes

Jewish Food Recipe Archives

Have a zissen Pesach!

UPDATE:  Quinoa is kosher for Passover!!  Read about quinoa’s kosher status here.

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