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Shavuah Tov

Shavuah tov – a good new week to you and yours.  I hope that you had a good Shabbat.

I am beginning my week by making some blog changes that I’ve been considering for some time.  You may have noticed that I edited the title of this blog from “Thoughts from a Rabbi” to “Amelah’s Blog (Thoughts from a Rabbi.)”  I’ve done as part of the transition from keeping this blog on to making it part of my personal website.  I have also added my twitter feed in the side bar.  The site will continue to evolve over the coming days and I welcome feedback.

I hope that this week will be a good one for you and yours.


Haveil Havalim #271: Catchy Title Goes Here

Ima on the Bima posted this week’s Haveil Havalim “Catchy Title Goes Here” – a great collection of blog posts written over the past week. Thanks Phyllis and shavuah tov to all.

Haveil Havalim #243 published

ImaBima has posted this week’s Haveil Havalim, the NaBloPoMo edition.

Check it out for blog posts on the following topics:

Funny Things…good to start with a laugh

Israel and the Jewish World

Judaism and Torah


…read Haveil Havalim, the NaBloPoMo edition and enjoy!

Source for Jewish Blogs and Jewish Bloggers

JBlog Central is a great way to find Jewish blogs and to list your site. (Of course, going through people's blogrolls also works.)

Thanks, JBlog for listing me.

UPDATE:  JBlog Central, started on June 12, 2006, also lets readers rate your posts. So, go, read and vote! 

Search This Blog

Shavuah tov! I recently added a search feature to this blog (see the right sidebar). I hope that it faciliatates finding information in previous posts.