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Haveil Havalim #271: Catchy Title Goes Here

Ima on the Bima posted this week’s Haveil Havalim “Catchy Title Goes Here” – a great collection of blog posts written over the past week. Thanks Phyllis and shavuah tov to all.


Haveil Havalim #243 published

ImaBima has posted this week’s Haveil Havalim, the NaBloPoMo edition.

Check it out for blog posts on the following topics:

Funny Things…good to start with a laugh

Israel and the Jewish World

Judaism and Torah


…read Haveil Havalim, the NaBloPoMo edition and enjoy!

Haveil Havelim is up

Eric of The Israel Situation has posted Haveil Havelim.

Upcoming Book to Read

Michael Oren has a new book coming out soon,

Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present (W. W. Norton & Company, January 15, 2007) “The first comprehensive history of America’s military, political, and intellectual involvement
in the Middle East from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Oren’s website has summaries, comments of reviewers and more.  Go and check it out.

Aharon at Blogs of Zion opens a post about it by saying,

I got my hands on an advance copy of Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present, historian and Shalem Center senior researcher Michael Oren’s new book, and I have to tell you, it is great. The research will boggle your mind, and it is just so interesting that you have a jaw dropping experience every paragraph or two.

I’ve pre-ordered at Amazon and I look forward to getting a copy.

New War Blog – Israel-Hezbollah Blog

David Lisboa has an interesting blog on the war – Israel-Hezbollah Blog, writing from Haifa. He posts include numbers of katushas fallen and deep, critical analysis of the situation, reality and getting out of this mess.

Yesterday, a post titled The Accidental War concluded with these words,

What is needed now is a way for both sides to climb down. Israel must get its soldiers back, Hizbullah’s departure from the border area and an undertaking that Hizbullah will not attack again. The Lebanese army or a neutral force should then man the border. Hizbullah needs to be given a way to consent to these changes without losing face. Squaring this will take time, ingenuity and the full engagement of the United States. It will not bring peace to the Middle East but it might silence a dangerous new front. America should start its work at once.

Read, comment and discuss.

May the Holy One bring all – Jew, Muslim, Christian, Druze – to peace and safety.
[Hat tip to Israelity.]

Video You Must See

What is the reaction of an average Israeli to what is happnening in Israel?  Take a look at a video posted on Current for an answer and for the recording of an experience you won’t soon forget. The piece is called “Dodging Katyushas” Thanks to If You Will it for the original link.

May peace, security and saftey come soon,

With prayers for all terrorized

Lebanese Bloggers

Lisa of On the Face links to some Lebanese bloggers in her post “The Most Blogged War?”

Some of the blogs mentioned are:
Lebanese Bloggers Forum Lebanese Political Journal
Read the lengthy back and forth in Hebrew and Arabic called Hello Lebanon, Hello Isarel.
Eyal Niv writes in Haaretz about conversations he had with some Lebanese over coffee.Please suggest some more.