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Haveil Havalim #271: Catchy Title Goes Here

Ima on the Bima posted this week’s Haveil Havalim “Catchy Title Goes Here” – a great collection of blog posts written over the past week. Thanks Phyllis and shavuah tov to all.


Interfaith Site

Shalom and shavuah tov. (Greetings to all as we enter this new week.)

Sister Scorpion emailed me (thanks!) about an inspiring new interfaith internet venture called Children of Abraham. Their site seeks to bring together interfaith youth toward learning, sharing, cultural exchange and growth – great stuff!

I wish them well and I look forward to reading the site.

Sleepless in Sudan

Sleepless in Sudan is a powerful and worthwhile blog on the crisis in Sudan. [Thanks to Velveteen Rabbi for the tip.]

BlogDay 2005 Links

Happy Blogday 2005! What is BlogDay you ask? Go to the main Blogday site and read all about it.

Here are my 5 posts:

1. Travel Commons, a blog about business travel. All podcasts recorded in a hotel bathroom. (Not while being used!)
2. Inside Mac Radio, great info about Macs. (I am a Mac user by preference, a PC user at work by necessity.)
3. Waiter Rant, a funny and well written blog about the life of a waiter in New York City. Read it, you’ll enjoy and keep wanting to come back for more!
4. Child Abuse Survivor, an inspiring blog on Mike’s journey of recovery from child abuse.
5. Ms. Musings, writings, information and more from a feminist point of view.

Link, comment and be well!