Links for Yom HaAtzmeut (Israeli Independence Day)

Some bloggers on Yom HaAtzmeut
Blurry Mind (Not directly about Yom HaAtzmeut, but on what her family is going through with her brother’s recent death during his IDF service.)
Divrei Moshe
Dutchblog Israel has three posts on this Independence day
I Dream, Therefore I Am
Israel21c [A site with much about technology and life in Israel.]
Israelity: Life Beyond the Conflict
Jerusalem Wanderings
The View From Here
This Normal Life & Brian’s Family Tiyul
Sha’s post and top 57 things about Israel

Background & Information
Hatikva – Israel’s National Anthem (Information, English text, Hebrew text, many music renditions…)
Israel’s Proclamation of Independence (English)
About Israel’s Proclamation of Independence
Palestine Post May 16, 1948 Commemorative Issue
Israel’s Flag
My Jewish Learning Israel Index to anything you want to know about Israel

An Issue or Two
AUT (UK Professor’s Union) Boycott and Consequences

Israel Geography Game (Flash)

Another blog post: In Context

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