Israeli Ingenuity – A Credit Card USB Drive!

Do you carry a USB key (when it isn't Shabbat or a khag)? Have you ever mislaid it? Well, an Israeli inventor by the name of Alon Atsmon, CEO of Walletex, has come up with a solution – a USB storage device in the shape of a credit card. Since people tend to take care of credit cards, he figured that it might be a better storage solution.

Israel 21c reports:
"I think the card shape is the future," Walletex CEO Alon Atsmon told ISRAEL21c. "If it is much smaller it gets lost. The most convenient place is in your wallet."

Atsmon, a graduate of the Israel Defense Forces' prestigious Talpiot technology program and then the Israeli Air Force, is very familiar with card technology. In 1998 he set up a company called ComSense to develop a battery-powered card for authentication purposes. ComSense was later sold to Israel company Beepcard, but the credit-card shape stuck in Atsmon's mind, and in 2004 he established Walletex to revolutionize the USB drive market.

"The challenge was to make everything thin," he explains from the company's offices in Rishon Lezion. "This is the thinnest USB drive in the world."

Great idea, isn't it. Find out more on Israel 21c. Celebrate Israeli ingenuity and check it out.

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